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Nooky Massage Oil with Premium Natural Ingredients. Relaxing Essential and Sweet Almond Oils for Massaging 16 Ounces



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Scent Citronella
Item Form Oil
Material Feature Organic,Natural

  • HYDRATE YOUR SKIN FOR LONGER, your body will be left feeling rejuvenated long after you’re done.
  • EASILY ABSORBED, to ensure no oily or greasy residue remains, just the feeling of soft skin. Our organic massage lotion is made from 100% natural ingredients, making it suitable for any skin type including sensitive skin making it prefect for relaxation.
  • LIGHTLY INFUSED with Geranium Leaf and Citronella fragrance that won’t overpower your senses, making Nooky ideal for couples wanting to add aromatherapy stimulation massages to their repertoire.
  • OUR BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED 16oz bottles now with a handy pump dispenser. GET $6 OFF- Save $6 when you buy any 2 products from our lubricants or massage oils range you’ll find them all in our Mano & Mano store front. Enter Coupon Code LMX2SAVE at checkout and get $6 off your purchase
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10 reviews for Nooky Massage Oil with Premium Natural Ingredients. Relaxing Essential and Sweet Almond Oils for Massaging 16 Ounces

  1. Brent Childress

    How to become the next high-tech super-rich billionaire-star with Nooky massage oilHow to become the next high-tech super-rich billionaire-star, and by using only clear or frosted flexible tubing, a round plastic snow sled, a permanent marker, and JUST ONE BOTTLE OF Nooky massage oil with 100% premium natural ingredients!Ever wonder how you can become the next pop-culture billionaire with your own corporation to outshine SpaceX, Amazon, Tesla, Virgin (hehe) Galactic, Facebook and Google! Well, all you need is the invention of the future and with those few items listed above, most importantly your newly received order with one bottle of Nooky massage oil with 100% premium natural ingredients, you have the next great leap in technology for getting people and goods into space… easy as pie … Lickity Split (no puns intended, of course)…You doubt this fascinating idea? Nay, not one more negativity-burdened thought do you ever again have to think because WHAT YOU LEARN BELOW WILL MAKE YOU THE TECH-GURU STAR FOR GENERATIONS TO COME !!SIMPLE STEPS TO FAME & FORTUNE:1) Open your newly delivered box of Nooky massage oil with 100% premium natural ingredients2) Verify that the size of clear or frosted flexible tubing you have selected is large enough to comfortably but almost snugly allow the round plastic snow sled to pass through while still forming an air-tight seal around the sleds sides.3) Invite your best friend, preferably your best friend with benefits, who you can share in the delight of future stardom beside and who will look back at you with star struck eyes, – invite them over ASAP. Once your friend arrives, ask the person to step onto the snow sled and ensure that the fit is comfortable. Ask your friend to step aside momentarily, letting the person know that shortly amazing things will happen to them! Wonderful things!4) Now fasten one end of the tubing to the ground, carefully carve a door (not all the way through) so that the door in tubing can still be closed and sealed. Now place the sled into the bottom of the tube inside the door.5) YOU ARE ALMOST DONE! Now, step into the tubing and spread a thin layer of your Nooky massage oil with 100% premium natural ingredients throughout the entire inside of the tubing. Do not fear running out because your Nooky massage oil with 100% premium natural ingredients coats so well, and so smoothly, that no matter the length of tubing you have chosen to use, the silky, slick, smooth oil will coat the inside of the tube, still be able to make the perfect air-tight seal against the sides of the round snow sled which, YOU NOW START TO SEE, is going to become a FRICTION FREE METHOD FOR TRANSPORTING ANYONE OR ANYTHING YOU PLACE ATOP THE SLED ALONG THE LENGTH of the tube — and this smooth, silky delivery system that you have created will require no more energy to move through than the slightest touch of your fingers (ironically, using your Nooky massage oil with 100% premium natural ingredients for its silky feel at the touch of your fingers is why you selected the purchase in the first place – and now it’s doing so much more, future billionaire!). When you have finished coating the inside of your flexible tubing /transportation revolution, prepare to hand the remaining 3/4 of the bottle of Nooky massage oil with 100% premium natural ingredients to your friend. Take a moment to realize the miraculously tiny amount that you had to use and how phenomenally far went!6) Hand the bottle of Nooky massage oil with 100% premium natural ingredients to your friend who, you will realize, has eyes glazed with awe as they gleam back at you as if they are looking upon a God! Perfect chance to make a side plan to carry out shortly… as the bottle leaves your hand, lean closely in on your friend then with an airy whisper and warm breath on your friend’s ear, say only these words, “FOR LATER…”. Then turn away, with a slight sly smile as you finish the space transportation port not of tomorrow but of JUST MINUTES FROM NOW!!7) Take one moment to write (in big bold letters) to write the name of your new corporation on the top/human-cargo carrying side of the round snow sled and on the underside write the name of your first totally tubular transport vehicle: “The Mano and Mano” as big as possible so that as it slides gloriously through the tube, slipping the surly bonds of Earth, the world will read and see the miracle you’ve made!!Replace the sled into the tube, ready to launch through with just the tiniest of finger taps along the Nooky massage oil with 100% premium natural ingredients coated transport tube. AND FINALLY….8 [LAST STEP!]) holding the unattached end of the flexible tubing, just fling it in its entirety into space or, if you prefer, toward a more terrestrial destination, making sure the tubing is fully extended and at least somewhat taught allowing for the most direct and, of course, smooth ride for your passengers and other materials that will travel inside the tube, atop the round snow sled, in a frictionless and sweet smelling (as all Nooky is) path toward the other end.Now you have the FASTEST and least expensive and easiest method getting people, cargo, satellites – who knows what all – into space and back… the world is your oyster, future billionaire!Now go, squirt a little of that Nooky all over your friend and ask the same in return… heck, maybe you can even give each other a massage…. or who knows… the world is your oyster, future billionaire!Congratulations and enjoy!(And don’t forget to try all of the scents available with Nooky massage oil with 100% premium natural ingredients – all sweet, all smooth, all filled with comfort, relaxation, and silky smooth desire!)WARNING: Please ensure that once the tubing has been extended and the vehicle put into place that no person accidentally is placed atop it at this point! Remember, there is currently nothing at the other end. Neither this guide nor its writers or inspirations can be held responsible, legally morally or otherwise, for any friends unfortuitously flung into the far reaches of space.

  2. Ray Tingand Tester

    Slickery at it’s finest !!Well I didn’t think it was possible, but I believe that this , although says massage oil, is thge best, longest lasting slipperiest, non tacky, great smelling, and non chafing, and best money spent on oil/lube ever, and if youhave read any of my other reviews, you would know I’m a bit of a lube snob, but this right here, is hands down, or on, the first time I’m totally happy with a product of this type actually doing the job from start to finish. I say BUY !

  3. Alexandra

    Clean & Simple Ingredients, yet MIGHTYI chose to try this product due to the ingredients being simple, clean, and not harsh or it having any ingredients that would effect my body’s PH. (Important thing to look at when choosing a couples massage oil. Especially when you have sensitive skin like myself.)So we got it yesterday evening, and OMG y’all…THIS IS THE ONE YOU WANT. It came sealed properly, the outside carton was a little cheap looking, but the bottle itself was nice (And we just recycle the outer packaging anyways.) and it came with a pump that works well, and the product itself is to die for. The smell isn’t my favorite, but it’s very light with almost a clean scent, so I don’t mind it at all. It gave us the perfect amount of slipperiness, didn’t soak in too fast, but also it didn’t just sit on top or irritate my skin at all. It felt amazing on me, and now my body is so soft, moisturized, and conditioned today after having used it last night. (And he had me smothered and covered in Nooky. Lol Puns absolutely intended! Lol)He even commented on how much he liked it and that I needed to order another bottle now before it sells out! Lol.

  4. Charles R. Verhey

    The orange scent is my favorite, but that’s just a personal preferenceThe orange scent is my favorite, but that’s just a personal preference. This stuff is awesome. Smells great, feels great, safe to use just-about anywhere (in case your massage starts to get a little frisky)… Look, I’m just saying. No complaints here. It’s great.

  5. Brittni

    Nice scent, would buy againI bought this after trying the lavender scented version of Nooky (which we liked). This scent is subtle and pleasant so I’m a fan of both scents. This one has a leg up on the lavender scented one because it is more slick and doesn’t absorb into the skin as quick, so you can use less product. I’m planning on trying the orange scent next, but this one is great and I’d buy again. The last bottle we bought lasted about 6 months with us using it about 1-2 times a week. This one is the same size, so I expect it to last a little longer because we don’t have to use as much product. No issues with packaging or shipping.

  6. BabyWafflesNEG

    A little goes a long wayTried it out on my husband, he loved the massage, he can’t smell things all that well, but he didn’t mention anything about the scent. To me I felt like a little oil goes a long way. Skin absorbs as long as you don’t overuse it. The smell lingers. Can’t describe what it smells like, but it’s sweet with something bitter. I tasted a little off my finger, not bad, not great either.Wouldn’t use it as a lube, as I only bought it for the sole intention to do body massages on each other.Leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft which is nice. Good size for the price.Wish there were other scents to choose from tho. I always liked lavender and citrus scents.This one smells I guess a tad bit like vanilla, but not as strong.Love it tho 🙂

  7. K.J.

    Can’t wait to tryI had one of the lavender but it’s been out of stock everywhere- so I got the sweet almond.I love the lavender so I’m hoping this one’s just as good but the packaging of this item is completely unacceptable.I’m just extremely disappointed that they took it out of the box and yes it’s sealed and everything but how tacky is that if that had been a gift for someone with the box flattened out & bottle separate?I’ve gotten many things from Amazon over the years and I work at Amazon and this just reminds me how bad some of our SmartPak packers are.

  8. Tony Dighera

    No leaks, pump packaged separately now.Specifically wanted to address the issues mentioned in other reviews where the bottles were shipped with the pump on the bottle or the bottles leaked. As you can see from my photos the pump is now packaged separately, the caps are secure, and nothing leaked in my delivery. Smells pretty good but I’ll defer to my partner to see which she likes best to determine reorder type.

  9. Brianne Michelle

    this massage oil smells AMAZING!!First of all, this massage oil smells AMAZING!!! Its a way bigger bottle than I thought it was going to be, and I actually love the scent so much that I will put a little on my wrists for rejuvination!! I used this for a quick back massage and it worked so well. No sticky hands, no greasy feel to it, it was WONDERFUL!! And the seller was so communicative, I received an email with information on the product when I purchased and a satisfaction email after it was shipped. I would certainly buy from them again!!

  10. Kwls8888

    Worth every dimeI purchased this kinda on a whim, and was feeling guilty at how much it cost. When I received it though and used it for a massage with hubby we both agreed it is well worth it. It smells great and starts to warm after applying. Between the warmth and the smell it really relaxes you and makes you feel mellow. We live very stressful lives and have health issues , and this oil is a nice escape from it all. Its worth every dime.

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