Facial Peels

Facial peels remove the top layers of skin to exfoliate and increase new cell growth. When the new cells are formed a new layer of skin is created. One that is fresh and new. Facial peels are used to improve skin’s texture, even the skin tone, and minimize the appearance of fine lines. If you want to correct uneven skin tone or remove fine lines it would be best to use a facial peel such as pomegranate, pumpkin, antioxidants or glycolic peels. These facial peels hydrate the skin and smooth wrinkles. Due to the mildness of these types of facial peels they can be used more often.

We use proven ingredients in combination with botanicals to minimize acne and control oily skin. This effective acne peel draws inspiration from early acne remedies that have been used in skincare for centuries. This gentle peel helps to combat breakouts for oily/ combination skin that is breakout prone, while soothing skin that is irritated and inflamed due to acne. Does not contain parafens or chemical colorants.

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