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CBD Oil has made a large splash on the spa wellness scene this year. CBD Oil offers a myriad of potential health effects. A warm tranquil setting and a staff focused on your relaxation are sure to make it a day to remember.

CBD oil massage has been extremely successful in treating skin conditions, mainly because it works deep within the cells to stop processes that lead to things like dryness, itchiness, and overactive sebaceous glands. CBD oil works through to restore skin cells. However, there are several ways that is can help in skin care. Research shows that Organic Oil helps ease anxiety, reduces inflammation, and might be an effective treatment for acne, among dozens of other promised benefits.

We invite you to experience our CBD Oil Massage, non-mind altering and non-habit treatment that aims to ease any ailments and helps people to relax faster and at a deeper level, making it possible for a greater release of stress, muscle aches and pains and much more without any psychotropic effects.

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CBD Oil Massage

CBD Full Body Massage

$ 120 / Guest

CBD Oil Facial Spa

CBD Luminous Facial

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CBD Oil Facial

CBD Spotless Facial

$ 120 / Guest

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is a natural extract from the Cannabis Sativa plant that has been used for centuries for its therapeutic benefits. It is an active ingredient in many massage oils and is known to help relax muscles and reduce anxiety. It has also been found to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and analgesic properties, making it an ideal choice for massage therapy.
CBD oil massage is a form of massage therapy that uses high-quality CBD oils to promote healing and relaxation. CBD oil massage combines this with traditional massage techniques to target problem areas and reduce pain, inflammation and stiffness. It is a great option for those looking for a natural, non-invasive approach to their massage therapy needs. CBD oil massage has been known to help with relaxation, relief from chronic pain, improved sleep, and even lower blood pressure.
Benefits of CBD Oil Massage extend far beyond relaxation and comfort. Studies have shown that CBD oil massage can improve mobility, reduce inflammation, reduce pain, and even improve mental health. Additionally, CBD oil massage is known to help with anxiety, depression, fatigue, and stress. CBD oil massage can also help to boost the immune system, increase blood circulation, and improve overall wellbeing.
Preparing for a CBD Oil Massage is an important step to ensure that you get the most from your session. It is important to talk with your therapist beforehand to discuss your specific needs and what you would like to achieve from the massage. It is also recommended to limit any caffeine, sugar, or alcoholic beverages for at least 24 hours prior to the massage. Additionally, it is best to come hydrated and avoid eating for at least 2 hours before the session.How to prepare for a CBD Oil Massage
A CBD oil massage is a special type of massage unique to the benefits of CBD oil. During a CBD oil massage, you can expect to experience both physical and mental relaxation. This can be accomplished through various massage techniques, such as kneading and rolling, that work to relieve the body of tension and stress. Additionally, the use of natural oils aids in loosening tight muscles, providing an overall sense of relaxation.
Aftercare tips for a CBD oil massage are just as important as the massage itself. It is important to drink plenty of water before and after the massage to help ensure that the body is able to flush out toxins. It is also beneficial to take a hot shower and use a light moisturizer afterwards to help the skin retain moisture. Additionally, regular stretching after a massage can help reduce muscle stiffness and fatigue.

Lana’s Organic Day Spa has been serving the needs of spa clients since 1998! Located in Cliffside Park, NJ, we are convenient to spa clients traveling from Fort Lee NJ, Ridgefield NJ, Edgewater NJ, Hoboken NJ, North Bergen NJ, West New York, Union City NJ, Manhattan NYC, and Washington Heights NYC. Our spa is owned and operated by Svetlana Vivat, who has been a licensed esthetician and massage therapist since 1990.

Lana’s Organic Day Spa is very convenient to Hoboken, NJ for clients seeking a spa ‘near me’. A quick 19 minutes drive of 6.3 miles.

  1. Head west on 6th St toward Willow Ave 28 sec (361 ft)
  2. Take Park Ave to 19th St in Weehawken
    7 min (1.2 mi)
  3. Take Waterfront Terrace to Port Imperial Blvd
    2 min (0.4 mi)
  4. Follow Port Imperial Blvd, River Rd and Gorge Rd to Palisade Ave in Cliffside Park

Lana’s Organic Day Spa is very convenient to Manhattan, NY for clients seeking a spa ‘near me’. A quick 23 minutes drive of 10.1 miles.

  1. Take W 86th St and West End Ave to NY-9A N
    8 min (1.4 mi)
  2. Continue on NY-9A N. Take Interstate 95 Lower Level S/U.S. 1 Lower Level S to
    US-1 S/US-46 W/US-9 S in Fort Lee. Take exit 72 B from Interstate 95 Lower Level
    S/U.S. 1 Lower Level S
    9 min (6.1 mi)
  3. Drive to Anderson Ave in Cliffside Park
    10 min (2.8 mi)
Lana’s Organic Day Spa is near Ridgefield Park, NJ for clients seeking a spa ‘near me’. A quick 11 minutes drive of 4.3 miles.

Take Euclid Ave and Laurel St to US-46 E/Winant Ave
3 min (0.6 mi)
Head west on Park St toward Euclid Ave
36 ft
Turn left at the 1st cross street onto Euclid Ave
0.4 mi
Turn left onto Brinkerhoff St
430 ft
Turn right onto Laurel St
0.2 mi
Follow US-46 E to 6th St in Palisades Park. Take the Sixth St exit from US-46 E
3 min (1.7 mi)
Turn left onto US-46 E/Winant Ave
Continue to follow US-46 E
1.6 mi
Take the Sixth St exit toward Palisades Park
482 ft
Take Brinkerhoff Ave to NJ-63/N Bergen Blvd
2 min (0.4 mi)
Continue onto 6th St
0.1 mi
Turn right onto Brinkerhoff Ave
0.3 mi
Turn right onto NJ-63/N Bergen Blvd
2 min (0.9 mi)
Turn left onto Nelson Ave
2 min (0.4 mi)
Follow Gorge Rd to Palisade Ave
2 min (0.4 mi)
Turn right onto Anderson Ave
92 ft
Turn left onto Gorge Rd
0.3 mi
Sharp left

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