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What is a Couples Massage?

Couples Massage Spa in Bergen County NJ

What is a Couples Massage?

A couples massage is when you and someone else enjoy individual massages while lying on separate beds next to each other. There are two massage therapists — one for each person. Like any other massage, a couples massage may include soothing music, aromatherapy and candle lighting. These sessions are often shared as a gift between romantic partners, siblings, friends or close colleagues. Whether it’s to de-stress or release some boss-based tension, a couples massage is the perfect spa treatment. There are also added extras you can include with your massage package, such as hot stones and private spa pool.

What Are the Benefits of a Couples Massage?

Couples deserve some indulgence time with each other. A couples massage spa lets you share a moment of relaxation. It’s also a great way to relax and enjoy a romantic spa experience together. Some of the superb benefits include:

  • Relaxation – If you’ve both had a tough week, it’s nice to get away from the madness. Even if it’s just for a little while. No doubt you both deserve it.
  • Enjoyment as a couples spa experience – If you want to enjoy a day of relaxation, a couples massage is the perfect pampering activity that will fit nicely into your schedule. Between aromatherapy, facials and saunas, why not take the opportunity to fully melt into bliss with a full-body massage?
  • Quality time together – Shared experiences are one of the most important parts of building and maintaining a relationship — whether that be romantic or platonic. Going for a massage also gives you memories to look back on together. Plus, it’s always nice knowing that someone is enjoying themselves along with you — especially if it’s a gift for them!
  • General massage benefits, x2! – Nothing beats coming away from a massage spa feeling all kneaded out and refreshed. Why keep that feeling all to yourself? A couples massage means there’ll be two less aching and creaking bodies shuffling around the house. It also means you and your partner are likely to be a little less grumpy now that you’ve found relief from those bad-pillow neck aches and stiff shoulders.

What Are the Different Techniques?

There’s a sublime smorgasbord of different techniques used in a couples massage. These tend to be influenced by traditional practices from international cultures — each one does something slightly different. It’s best to see which massage technique appeals to the both of you before you launch yourself onto the table.

  • Thai – Thai massage techniques are a little more physical compared to what you might expect from a “traditional” massage. They combine assisted yoga techniques with acupuncture, and Indian Ayurvedic principles (the balancing of the five elements within the body). Don’t expect to be laid on a massage bed with soothing oils and aromatherapy here — instead, prepare to be stretched, pulled and cracked to release your inner tension.
  • Swedish – Also referred to as a “classic massage,” Swedish massage therapy is one of the most popular techniques used in the U.S. This gentle technique is used to relax and stimulate nerves and blood flow — it’s the go-to if you’re looking for an “ahhhh” rather than an “oooh, a bone just cracked that I never knew I had.”
  • Deep tissue massage – Another type of popular “classic” massage is the Swedish massage’s slightly more rough-and-ready brother. Focused on really digging out those knots and areas of tension that are causing you issues, this technique uses a lot of pressure. Think less soothing circular Swedish strokes and more getting stuck in there with knuckles and elbows.
  • Reflexology – Rather than a full-body massage, reflexology targets specific points in the hands and feet. Also called “zone therapy,” masseuses apply pressure to certain muscles and points to relax you and release tension. Reflexology is regarded as an experimental technique and some believe it can alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety.

What to Expect at a Couples Massage

  1. When you arrive, the massage therapist/s will have a chat with you and your partner to discuss what areas you want to focus on. They’ll also ask if you’ve been having any pain-related issues and will answer any questions you might have about your couples massage and what to expect.
  2. Then, they will leave the room to give you some time to disrobe and get comfortable on the massage bed.
  3. The masseuses will return and apply any massage oils needed for the therapy and begin your massage. This is when you can just close your eyes and try not to drift off completely.

After your therapy, your massage therapist may suggest that you rest for around six hours, depending on the intensity of the massage. It’s also suggested that you don’t shower immediately after, and make sure that, when you do, the water is warm rather than hot. Hot water will aggravate muscle inflammation.

It’s also important to drink plenty after your massage. This helps your body and muscles retain fluids, so it’s best to avoid diuretics such as caffeinated drinks (tea, coffee, energy drinks) and alcohol for around 24 hours. Although, we’re sure a glass of wine wouldn’t be the end of the world!

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